How much can I get for my scrap car

How much can I get for my scrap car

The fee you’ll get for your scrap car depends on a few different factors. Some of these influencing variables change on a daily basis, which is why we can only tell you the most competitive rate when you’re actually scrapping your vehicle.

Please find below the most important variables that affect the price of an end-of-life vehicle:


The bigger and heavier your car, the more you can expect to be paid for it. Why is that? The authorised treatment facility, or breaker’s yard, buys your car to recycle its material. The more material a car has, the more money it’s worth.

Scrap metal market

Driven by supply and demand of recycled steel, aluminium and copper, the scrap metal market can fluctuate quite heavily and often on a daily basis, which has an impact on how much your scrap car will fetch.

Make, model & age

Just as the make and model of a car have an influence on its price when you buy it, these two factors also affect the price when you come to scrap it. Cars that tend to be more expensive to buy, tend to also be worth more when they get scrapped. Another factor to influence the price is the car’s age. This is due to any parts they may have that can be reused and therefore resold.

Valuable parts

Apart from parts that are manufactured of more expensive metals, components that can be reused and resold will also increase the fee you can expect to be paid when scrapping a car. This can include technology as well as brake discs, tyres, catalytic converters, etc.

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