scrap metal

Scrap metal dealer in Staffordshire

We are a scrap metal dealer in Staffordshire and have all the tools and equipment required to collect your scrap metal from you. And will recycle all your unwanted scrap metals.

Whether you’re a metal merchant or tradesman, we offer extremely competitive prices for unwanted ferrous metals (iron) and non-ferrous metals (aluminium, copper, brass, zinc, lead). We also accept scrap cars.


By law, we are no longer permitted to pay cash for scrap metal and now require photo ID as well as proof of your address. So, don’t forget to bring your:

  • Photo card driving licence
  • Photograph ID (e.g. passport) accompanied by proof of address (utility bill or bank statement) which is no older than three months

However, we guarantee prompt payment and competitive prices for your scrap metals.

Contact us on 01782 614 456 for today’s prices!

How to get the best price for your scrap metal

  • Sort your scrap by metal – specific metals are usually worth more than ‘general scrap metal’
  • Clean/strip the metal – metal is generally worth more if it has been separated from other materials (e.g. wire coatings) and is free from corrosion
  • You might also get a better price when dealing with bulk amounts of scrap metal

Some scrap metal facts

  • The scrap metal recycling industry in the UK alone is worth around £5.6 billion.
  • A recycled aluminium can can be back on a shelf with a new drink in it in as little as 2 months.
  • Reusing 1 tonne of steel means over a tonne of iron ore and almost half a tonne of coal don’t need to be used.
  • Of all the copper used in Europe, around 42% has been recycled.
  • Even copper that has been ‘contaminated’ by soldering and other processes can still be reused. It is often melted down with the excess material and used to produce alloys that benefit from it, such as bronze.
  • Metal recycling is a big energy saver. Aluminium, copper and zinc all need considerably less energy to recycle than to produce from raw materials.
  • The difference in CO2 emissions produced when making fresh steel and recycling steel is vast. Recycling steel results in an 80% reduction.
  • Many of the types of steel used in a car have been invented in the last 10–20 years.
  • Aluminium is one of the biggest energy savers when it comes to recycling. The process uses up to 95% less energy than it takes to produce the metal from scratch.