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Need some help with your trucks for export? We are specialists in exporting trucks, trailers, machines and parts. We are based in Staffordshire and have the facilities to transport vehicles to anywhere in the UK, as well as arrange export services to any location in the world – all at competitive rates.

Whether you’re looking to transport your truck to a specific port or to keep costs to a minimum by exporting multiple trucks and trailers, we can provide a solution to meet your needs.

We can:trucks for export

  • Transport your truck using our fleet of low-loaders
  • Dismantle trucks for container shipping
  • Stack and transport multiple trucks and trailers
  • Arrange shipping of your trucks or machines for export


Our services…

  • …are cost-effective.
  • …are safe and fully insured.
  • …include the completion of all required documentation by our dedicated internal team.
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For more information about ports, shipping and prices simply pick up the phone – our team is here to help.

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Some export, import and trucking facts

  • The term fifth wheel doesn’t refer to a wheel at all. It is the name given to the horseshoe-shaped coupling that connects a tractor unit with its trailer.
  • Truck emergency brakes work in the opposite way to the regular brakes. Air pressure is used to actuate the brakes in regular use. But it is a lack of air pressure that activates the emergency brake. This prevents run-away lorry situations if pressure is lost.
  • In 2019, Europe exported trucks worth a total of $52.6 billion. That’s 38.2% of the value for all trucks exported globally.
  • Last year, the UK exported 662,000 tonnes of machinery, equipment and transport equipment. Using a 44-tonne articulated lorry, that would take more than 15,000 truck journeys overseas.
  • In 2019, the UK was the 10th largest exporter in the world.
  • UK-registered trucks exported 386,000 consignments in 2019.
  • Last year, the UK imported £35,109 million worth of metal. Over 2 thirds of which came from outside the EU.
  • In 2019, the UK imported products made of metal amounting to £13,546 million.
  • 2019 saw 4,018,000 tonnes in exports leave the UK. That’s the equivalent of over 91,000 44-tonne trucks.
  • UK transport equipment exports in 2019 were valued at a total of £663 million.
  • As of March, there are 0.47 million HGVs registered in the UK.
  • Estimates suggest that at any given moment between 28% and 30% of haulage vehicles are hauling empty.
  • The average length of journey for UK-registered articulated HGVs in 2019 was 136 km, with rigid HGVs covering 59 km on average.