Second-hand truck parts

Buying second-hand truck parts from a breaker’s yard

As with most things, when it comes to repairing a truck, van or commercial vehicle, parts can get expensive. It’s at this sort of time when you might consider buying second-hand truck parts from a breaker’s yard, so what are the benefits?

There are in fact a whole host of benefits to sourcing your truck parts from a metal merchant or scrapyard. For starters, one of the main benefits is cost. As you might expect, there are significant money savings to be made by buying a used part. This is especially true if it is more of a cosmetic part, such as plastic trims, lighting units and the like. But the advantages don’t stop there.


When it comes to buying used parts, you might find you have a somewhat wider range of options for replacements. Manufacturers generally produce the same model in runs of several years and often reuse some parts in several models at once. This means that you won’t necessarily have to look for parts from your specific year and model of truck. Although, when looking for compatible parts it is important to do your research to find out exactly which components are interchangeable.


Fortunately, a lot of breaker’s yards may well be able to help you with this. They spend their days pulling apart all sorts of vehicles and have therefore built up a wealth of in-depth knowledge. All it takes to benefit from this expertise is to ask the right questions. Most scrappies are more than happy to help you find the right part, even more so if you’re clearly not wasting their time. They won’t necessarily do all the leg work for you though, so by starting off fore-armed with some key info like the part number, make and model you’re more likely to seem genuine.

Delivery times

As we’ve just mentioned, scrapyards spend their days pulling vehicles apart. That means some of the larger ones will have row upon row of parts that they think are in a reusable state. These may even be organised and catalogued by make, model and part number so they can keep track of their stock. The benefit for you is that this results in turnaround times that are a fraction of the time it may take a brand-new part to arrive.

Environmentally friendliness

Yet another benefit of buying second-hand truck parts when you can, is the environmental impact. Just like with any other second-hand products, buying used means one less newly produced part has to be manufactured. This helps to cut down on the amount of planet-harming emissions being generated, as the demand for new parts is not pushed any higher. And given the level of durability and reliability truck parts are made to, finding a used part with plenty of life left in it may be easier than you’d expect.

A fair warning

There are some possible pitfalls when buying used parts. The two main ones you may be likely to encounter are getting the wrong part and potentially a part that doesn’t work. These can generally be avoided, however, by being prepared and communicating well with your chosen scrapyard.

The key trick to getting the right part is the parts number. Finding the right number is crucial and it helps both you and the scrapyard ensure you’re getting the right part. You’ll often find these listed in manuals as well as by the manufacturer online.

When it comes to whether the part is in working order or not, it can be a bit trickier. Some scrapyards will test parts. Others will rely on the fact that the part was pulled from a runner to vouch for its functionality. But obviously if a part is pulled from a non-runner then there’s no such guarantee. This variation is why it’s a great idea to be in good communication with your scrap dealer. Being clear about their policies on returns, exchanges, and any warranties they may (or may not) offer is the best way to avoid getting burned.

So, now you know all the benefits (and the potential risks) of buying second-hand truck parts, why not get in touch to find out about the parts we can source for your truck, trailer or van? Simply give us a call on 01782 614 456 or drop by our site if you’re in the area.

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